About us

Thank you for visiting our blog! We are a group of Second Year History students at Liverpool John Moores University. As a part of our ‘History at Work’ module, we have chosen the task of creating a blog based on nuclear non- proliferation and the United States. We aim to give a public insight into the world of nuclear powers.

Contributors to the blog:

Patrice Atherton: My name is Patrice and I am 19 years old. My favourite areas of history to study are British and American foreign policy and Soviet Russia. I chose to work on this project because this is an area that has always interested me but I have never had the opportunity to study.




Bridie Smith: My name is Bridie and I am particularly interested in the Soviet Russia period and the World Wars. I decided to choose this topic strand within the ‘History at Work’ module as it is an important and intriguing world matter that I felt I did not know enough about.






Katie DohertyI’m Katie and my favourite area of history is the history of modern British society and Irish culture. My interest on this project stemmed from studying the Cuban Missile Crisis in first year, wanting to know more about the nuclear side of it and the U.S perspective on non-proliferation.

Samuel Green: I’m Sam and my favourite area in History is American History and in particular American Foreign Policy since 1941. My interest in Nuclear History, like Katie, stemmed from last years study of the Cuban Missile Crisis.






Emma Marshall: I’m Emma and I am mostly interested in political and religious aspects to history. I chose this topic because it is an ongoing issue and I wanted to expand my knowledge further because this topic is not often covered. I think it is particularly important to understand current matters and how they could affect our future.






Olivia Darwen: I’m Olivia my favourite aspect of history is more contemporary history, in particular American and Middle Eastern history. I’ve always been particularly interested in the cold war period, as it interests me how the actions and decisions made then are still affecting international relations in the modern day, this is why I chose nuclear non-proliferation as my ‘history at work’ topic.






Azhar Mohamed: I’m Azhar, and my interests lay in the history of the Middle East and USA/UK relations with the region. I think it is essential to understand historical implications that shape the present and future; one in which the topic of Nuclear Non-Proliferation undoubtedly presents itself. 






Ellie Harris: My name is Ellie, I am most interested in British History particularly British imperialism during the 19th and early 20th century. I chose this project as non-proliferation is something I know little about and wish to study in more detail.


Lewis McLoughlin: Hello there, I’m Lewis. I’ve been mostly interested in Cold War history, specifically the aspects of Nuclear Energy/Power and Nuclear Weaponry. I suppose what fascinates me most about the subject is how in such a short period of time, the world powers were able to harness new energies, in a bid for becoming the strongest super power.






Lewis Fogg: I’m Lewis. My favourite areas of History include Global Political History, Stalin’s Russia and The Cold War period. My interest in nuclear non-proliferation stems from my interest in Stalin’s Russia and the Cold War period, as well as the impact that nuclear weaponry has had on the politics of modern super-powers up until today.

Dan Vye: Hi, I’m Dan and I consider military history a passion of mine, specifically conflicts that took place during the latter part of the 19th century and the former half of the 20th. I chose the Nuclear non-Proliferation project to broaden my knowledge on the subject.


Simon Hurst: I’m Simon, and my favourite topic in history is the significance of religion in the modern world. I also have a strong interest in American history, particularly the presidency itself. The matter of nuclear non-proliferation is both controversial and complex, but interesting nonetheless. The captivating nature of the topic has led me to explore the role of the American presidency in the nuclear non-proliferation movement.


Josh Graham: I’m Josh, and my favourite area of study is American political history and modern presidential administrations. The topic of nuclear non-proliferation is particularly interesting to me, as the risks associated with the spread of nuclear weapons have  potentially fatal consequences for our planet.


Harry Breese: I’m Harry, my favourite area of study is modern American history and Germany in the run up to and during the Second World War. I chose to study nuclear non-proliferation as I have never done anything like it and it’s relevance in American history and the modern world.